The Board of Directors of GFM Services Berhad believes in the implementation of a sound framework of rules and practices to ensure that the Company is steered and governed in an effective manner, focusing on progressive and sustainable growth, whilst enhancing stakeholders' values.

To this effect, the Board has established the following responsibilities for adherence, towards achieving good corporate governance.

Sustainability Policy

The Policy sets out requirements for sustainability across GFM Services Berhad and the entities that it controls (“the Group”).

Sustainability is the integration of environmental, social and governance factors into decision making to maximize short and long term shareholder value, seek competitive advantage, and contribute to safe and healthy employees, communities and ecosystems.

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Whistle-blower Policy

The GFM Whistle-blower policy and supporting guidelines provide details on the reporting and handling of any compliance violations. It is the policy of GFM to ensure that an open working environment is maintained for the legitimate reporting by all GFM directors, employees or contractors, of any unlawful, undesirable or improper conduct, without fear of reprisal. The policy applies to all directors, employees and contractors of GFM and its subsidiaries.

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